Tips To Pick Up The Best Identity And Access Management Solution For Your Organization!


With the advancement in technology, you can now get an ample of IAM (Identity and Access Management) products with different features available in the market. However, the question here is what features are crucial for your needs?

To end up choosing just the right identity and access management software, you must first identify the capabilities that are necessary to your business. After all, it will serve as the main center of IT security strategy in your business. Read on to know how to select right platform for your organization.

Go for an integrated solution

Today, you can get right from custom solutions to integrated packages that are available by the best platform vendors. Moreover, there is rapid growth of the vendors in Identity Management market. The following are some of the important features to check out for.

  • Provisioning – Can the users be modified, added, and deleted with the help of just a single interface rather than using multiple tools? Do the policy rules support difficult login policies like the need of stricter authentication?
  • Administration – Are the users allowed to update their directory profile information once they log in securely? Can they reset passwords without administrator intervention?
  • Scalability – Is the solution capable of scaling large user counts without compromising its overall performance? Is there proper support for load balancing and multiple servers?

Heterogeneous Support

Make sure that the software application you choose talks to different kinds of directories like Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Microsoft Active Directory, as well as other such authentication systems. The best solution must be capable of operating with n-tier, legacy systems, as well as web service applications.

Choose identity-aware applications

While choosing future database, line-of-business software, and middleware, ensure that you consider interoperability with the current user identity directions like LDAP. Products that ensure this are termed as “identity aware”. They provide huge benefits over the traditional applications. Their features are listed below.

  • They are generally more secure as user access can directly be cut off from central directory.
  • They cost much less to manage.
  • They can integrate in a much better way with other programs or applications in company. Plus, the common can be used directly without any difficulty.

Overall, an identity management and access infrastructure will definitely impact all other systems and applications in your organization. So, make sure that you consider all the important factors well before making a final decision.