Photography Proposals in Digital Form


There are many different types of photographer, ranging from the amateur or hobbyist, who takes a little part time work, through to the highest level of professionals, for whom every detail of the proposed shoot, is thought out in meticulous detail. At the lower end, deals may well be made and sealed with a verbal assurance and a handshake, while for more important projects, a written agreement is in everybody’s interest. A key issue for photographers at every level of course, is the potential difference between what a client thinks they will be getting, and reality, an area that needs to be clearly investigated and defined if all parties are going to come away happy.

Detailed Proposal

A photography proposal can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, and in most circumstances there will be no problem, as long as the essential parameters are included. The more detailed your outline of what you will provide, where, when and for how much, the more seriously the client is likely to consider offering you the business. Much as in any business, the more professional you are seen to be, the higher level of respect you are likely to be given, which tends to prove itself with frequency of contracts subsequently awarded.

Time is Money

There is of course the danger of spending so much time working on proposals, that it eats into your time to be actually able to go out and shoot. After all, every shoot is slightly different, and your proposal needs to reflect this, which is why many choose to utilise a photography proposal template, which allows you to detail your offering, while including photos and video, highlighting your ability to deliver. With its format thoughtfully laid out, it not only provides you with a checklist to ensure you don’t leave anything out, it shows a level of care and professionalism, which will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Customer Specific

Especially when photography moves to a sophisticated level of project, no two jobs are the same, while within the specifics of that work, there is always a certain amount that will remain the same, which is where a proposal template can save you a great deal of time. Some sections may need no alterations, or only require a small edit. Each at the end though, becomes highly individualistic and will lay out precisely what you will do, and your fees, or what you propose within the set budget you have been given to work with, to a level of detail appropriate to the task.

Image is Everything

In a business that is all about imagery itself, the importance of showing style, attention to detail and enhancing your own image, cannot be downplayed. Inclusion of aspects such as copyright, or editing of your work, with which you will be completely familiar, but the client may not understand, shows a level of thought and consideration which will be appreciated. Top end work in every industry is highly competitive, with those consistently taking the best contracts, normally doing so because of their attention to the client’s exact needs, and their ability to show it.

For those rare occasions when a problem ensues, your professionalism from the outset, provides you with a detailed and specific reference point, providing the clarity required.