Five Reasons Employees Resign and Look for Opportunities Somewhere Else


Employee turnover can be expensive and great managers work diligently to reduce the costs. Sure, every employee can be retained even if they are not treated well while some can leave. But, as a manager, you want to retain valuable players and ensure they don’t resign. If you want to develop your employer brand, you want candidates to see why your employees love to work with your organization. Understanding the common reasons why employees resign, can help you act on this proactively. These reasons include the following:

 They are Not Properly Compensated

This reason is quite common and must be addressed even if your organization feels it is not fair. Keep in mind that generous companies tend to be successful. Compensation is one of the factors that could attract the best talents to your company. Make sure your employees get paid fairly and given due benefits.

They Feel the Company Does Not Appreciate their Efforts

Employees who leave a company for this reason don’t want a pat on the back whenever they complete a task. They just want to be reminded that they make significant contributions to the company. Ignoring these people for too long will push them to look for other opportunities somewhere else.

They Get More Workload that they can Handle

Sometimes, employers want to give extra workloads to their performing employees to compensate for the leaner ones. Although this may help in boosting your bottom line initially, it will result in higher turnover cost and lower production since your employees will start to feel exhausted as they deal with the hectic schedule forced on them.

They Deal with Management Change

A lot of organizations do not recognize the effect of management change on their people. If you need to change management, take the time to reach out to affected employees to keep their morale up and smooth out the transition.

You Set Unrealistic Goals

To maintain production levels and achieve maximum results, you need to set goals and quotas. But, consistently changing these goals and quotas without considering what it takes to reach will often lead to a breakdown in employee desire and morale. Putting your workers to the test this way will decide it is not worth to continue to work for your company.

Your organization may be spending lots of time, money, and energy to recruit the right people. But, you will end up wasting these resources if you don’t keep the employees you have invested so much in.